Peps Restonic Mattress – Pocketed Euro Top


Experience pure luxury with PEPS RESTONIC MATTRESS – Pocketed – Euro Top, where opulence meets sleep innovation.

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Features of Peps Restonic Mattress - Pocketed - Euro Top

  1. Euro Top Elegance: Plush Euro top for cloud-like comfort and support.
  2. Precision Pocketed Coils: Adaptive coils that conform to your body’s contours.
  3. Cool Comfort: Advanced cooling technology keeps you refreshed all night.
  4. Pressure Relief: Say goodbye to discomfort with targeted pressure alleviation.
  5. Built to Endure: Exceptional durability, backed by PEPS’ trusted quality.
  6. Sleep in Peace: Isolated motion ensures undisturbed rest, even with a restless partner.
  7. Allergy-Free Zone: Hypoallergenic materials promote a healthier sleep environment.

Why Choose Peps Restonic Mattress - Pocketed - Euro Top?

  1. Luxury Retreat: Wake up feeling pampered and revitalized every day.
  2. Time-Tested Quality: PEPS’ legacy guarantees a mattress that stands the test of time.
  3. Constant Coolness: No more overheating; enjoy consistently cool nights.
  4. Wellness Oasis: A cleaner, allergen-free sleep space supports your overall well-being.
  5. Tailored Perfection: Customize firmness for a personalized sleep experience.
  6. Serenade in Bed: Enjoy peaceful nights, even with a partner who moves around.

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Ardene, Carousel, Fontaine

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72"x30", 72"x36", 72"x42", 72"x48", 72"x60", 72"x66", 72"x72", 75"x30", 75"x36", 75"x42", 75"x48", 75"x60", 75"x66", 75"x72", 78"x30", 78"x36", 78"x42", 78"x48", 78"x60", 78"x66", 78"x72", 80"x 60", 80"x72", 84"x30", 84"x36", 84"x42", 84"x48", 84"x60", 84"x66", 84"x72", 80″x30″, 80″x36″, 80″x42″, 80″x48″, 80″x66″

Mattress Height

10″, 6", 8"


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