1. Do the mattresses come with pillows?

Yes. They come with two pillows.

2. Are the mattresses available in King size?

Yes! Each mattress is available in different sizes. You can choose from the range of sizes offered in any of the Peps mattresses.

3. Do you provide ortho mattresses?

Yes. We do provide ortho mattress, Spine guard mattresses, and a lot more variants.

4. Do the mattresses come with a warranty?

Yes! Although the warranty period is subject to change depending on the model you choose, all mattresses come with a warranty in Peps.

5. How thick are the mattresses? What foam do they use?

Depending on the choices you make, Peps mattresses come anywhere between 6” to 16”. As far as the foam mattresses are concerned, they’re made of PU foam, and they’re long lasting.

6. What is pocketed spring technology?

A lot of Peps mattresses are pocketed spring mattresses, meaning springs are places within individual garment pockets. This ensures that the springs stay in place and there’s zero disturbance to the rest of the mattress when there’s movement in one end.

7. Are the mattresses allergy free?

Yes! All of Peps mattresses are free of microbes, dust and mites, anything that might cause an allergy!