Peps Restonic Mattress – Plush


PEPS RESTONIC MATTRESS – Plush: The epitome of softness and support for your dream sleep.

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Features of Peps Restonic Mattress - Plush

  1. Plush Comfort: Sink into luxurious softness without compromising support.
  2. Cooling Tech: Stay comfortably cool all night with advanced cooling materials.
  3. Pressure Relief: Bid farewell to discomfort with targeted pressure point relief.
  4. Built to Last: Exceptional durability backed by PEPS’ time-tested quality.
  5. Undisturbed Sleep: Enjoy uninterrupted rest, even if your partner moves.
  6. Allergen Shield: Hypoallergenic materials for a cleaner, healthier sleep space.

Why Choose Peps Restonic Mattress - Plush?

  1. Pampering Sleep: Wake up feeling embraced by plushness, rejuvenated and ready for the day.
  2. Proven Durability: PEPS’ reputation ensures a mattress that endures.
  3. Cool Comfort: Say goodbye to night sweats; experience consistently cool nights.
  4. Well-Being Priority: An allergen-free sleep space supports your overall health.
  5. Your Ideal Softness: Customize firmness for a personalized, soft-as-a-cloud sleep experience.
  6. Harmony in Bed: Enjoy tranquility, even with a restless partner.

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72"x30", 72"x36", 72"x42", 72"x48", 72"x60", 72"x66", 72"x72", 75"x30", 75"x36", 75"x42", 75"x48", 75"x60", 75"x66", 75"x72", 78"x30", 78"x36", 78"x42", 78"x48", 78"x60", 78"x66", 78"x72", 80"x 60", 80"x72", 84"x30", 84"x36", 84"x42", 84"x48", 84"x60", 84"x66", 84"x72", 80″x30″, 80″x36″, 80″x42″, 80″x48″, 80″x66″

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