Bolsters are not only proven to be best for relaxing, but they often help you provide good blood circulation throughout the body. For all this, the quality of the mattress plays a very vital role. The bolster provided is the best quality possible that helps you sleep well as well as sit without pain on a sofa.

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Features of the Bolster Pillow

Reduces aches and pains

If you are feeling fatigued or ache in some part of the body then keeping the bolster can help you in relieving the pain or the fatigue that you have.

Helps to keep back straight

When a person feels their back is not straight the best way to make it straight is by sitting with the bolster on the back. This will surely help you get a better posture which will, in turn, keep you healthy.

Reduce 7 pain symptoms

Keep the bolster under the knee and keep your knees above the hip. This will aid in the relief of pressure and the relaxation of your muscles. The muscles in our back and lower body relax, relieve pressure, and relieve stress.


Why should you go for Bolster Pillow?

As seen in the features bolsters are always known to prove many things. One of the best and most satisfying reasons why you should go for bolster is because it provides a good therapy. The curve in our lower back, like the curve in our necks, requires its support. Excessive pressure on the vertebrae in your lower back puts strain on the nerves in that region. Sciatica is the result, and it can cause long-term acute pain that radiates down the legs and can be debilitating for some people. Although therapeutic usage of bolster pillows has provided some people with non-medication comfort, you should always check your doctor before making any changes to your existing treatment plan.

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Coir Bolsters L, Coir Bolsters M, Fibre Bolster


60.9 x 22.9 cm (24 x 9 inch), 76.2 x 22.9 cm (30 x 9 inch)


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