Which are the Healthiest Mattresses?

  • Never less than 95% certified organic content
  • No polyurethane foam
  • No extra chemical flame retardants
  • Low-VOC certification
  • No added fragrances or antimicrobials
  • No PVC or vinyl


What is an eco-friendly mattress?

Eco-friendly mattresses are non-toxic mattresses that are created without materials that are dangerous to the planet. As a result, these mattresses provide a good night’s sleep and hold the added advantage of being securer for families. A green mattress is a success on two fronts with one investment.

Why Eco-friendly Mattress?

An eco-friendly mattress is created from natural and tolerable help that has little to no chemicals. Often known as Green mattresses, they offer several healthiness advantages that can enhance your sleep quality at night.

Understanding which mattresses are eco-friendly can be tough especially if you are purchasing them for the first time. Make sure to reach Repose mattress shop in chennai to choose and buy the best mattress for your good and healthy sleep and get a refreshing day.

Below are some environmentally pleasant materials you can select from:

  1. Home use Memory Foam
  2. Bamboo
  3. Natural Latex
  4. Organic Cotton
  5. Natural Wool

Make sure to have in mind that most individuals are ignorant of the benefits of using eco-friendly mattresses. Most conventional mattresses have petrochemicals that can be dangerous to your body.

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