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Zenimo mattresses are covered with a layer of tough denim, but filled with soft fabric and foam inside. You get to sleep in the comfort of a soft bed, that is as tough as denim on the outside. Trusted by commercial grade customers, Zenimo mattresses are one of the best, durable mattresses available in the market.

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Rugged inside, soft outside

Zenimo mattresses are made to last, so they’re made with durable material. Their soft pillow top gives you a layer of pure softness to lie down on, but beneath it is fabric and springs that are durable, rugged and enduring. These mattresses are made from denim, and are India’s first denim mattresses, and we all know how durable denims can get. Available in 6″ and 8″ thickness, you’ll have to touch one to really feel how comfortable the Zenimo actually is.

What's best about Zenimo pillow top mattresses?

Peps are India’s largest, and the best spring mattress sellers. They’ve come up with a new denim model built to last, yet retain the comfort of a foam or a spring mattress. Thus came by the Zenimo, and it has been the number one choice¬† for people looking for an industry grade, tough mattress.

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Peps Zenimo Pillow Top

Peps Zenimo Pillow Top