Restonic Carousel Normal (White with blue and White with Cream )


Peps Restonic mattresses come with a marvellous middle support technology that supports the body weight entirely, alleviating pressure from your back. The pocketed springs will also reduce the wear and tear of the mattress, helping it maintain its shape even after years of usage. Peps Restonnic will be one of the best choices to make if you’re considering to purchase an economic, yet luxurious mattress!

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Say goodbye to sore backs

Sleeping on a hard bed to get relief from a sore back? Well, you’ll no longer have to sacrifice the comfort of a soft mattress to protect your spine. Peps’ scientifically designed Spine Guard mattresses can make sure that you’ll never have to wake up with a sore back, and lets you sleep in a soft, warm mattress! The spine guard mattresses are designed to be soft and provide your spine the support it needs, helping you sleep in the right posture.

What's best about the Peps Spine Guard mattresses?

Available in four thicknesses, from 5 to 8 inches, the mattress also comes in a variety of sizes for you to choose from. The mattress genially supports the natural curves of your body, alleviating the pressure from almost all parts of it. With a proper spine alignment, you’ll no longer have a sore back in the morning!

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Restonic Carousel Normal (White with blue and White with Cream )

Restonic Carousel Normal (White with blue and White with Cream )