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Wake up rejuvenated each morning with America’s favourite mattress brand. When it comes to mattresses, America trusts Restonic for relaxing sleep every day, not just at home but at some of the world’s best hotels. The Peps Industries Pvt. Ltd. has associated with Restonic corportaion of USA to provide international comfort & quality standards to India.

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Get Geneva, get comfortable.

Geneva, a premium model from Peps Restonic, if filled with a comfort layer full of PU foam, and the springs are engineered based off of a novel Spiralok technology. The Spiralok technology helps prevent transfer of motion and roll-together. This means that you get to turn around in your sleep without disturbing your partner. The reinforced mattress gives you bed a longer life, and does not lose its shape even after prolonged periods of use.

What's best about Peps Restonic Geneva mattresses?

The bonnel inner springs used in the Geneva model mattresses provide your back a good support, making sure that you will never have to wake up without a sore back. The marvellous middle support helps in sleeping in your natural posture, and is flexible according to your natural curves. With an 8 year warranty, and super edge plus that keeps your mattress’ edges intact, the mattress’ quality stays pristine for a very long time.

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Peps Restonic Geneva Normal

Peps Restonic Geneva Normal