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Made out of 100% chemical free bio-cotton, and eco-friendly latex, the mattress is Peps’ first step towards making eco-friendly, sustainable products. The breathable mattress regulates its temperature, meaning you get to sleep on a warmer bed on cold nights, and a cool bed on warm nights! Buy Organica, buy sustainability.

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100% organic, 100% safe.

Peps Organica is India’s first mattress to be made out of zero-chemical bio-cotton, and eco-latex. Made of material from Belgium, the mattress is uncompromisingly anti-microbial, anti-allergic, dust and mite resistant, and it provides a little warmth on a cool night, and makes it cool on a warm night. The air circulation and the breathability of the mattress allows it let your body temperature pass through it, thus regulating it.

What's best about Peps Organica?

Peps has made constant efforts to work with the planet and not against it. As a pivotal step towards sustainability, Peps Organica, as the name suggests, is one of its kind, and is made out of 100% bio-cotton, and eco-friendly latex. The mattress’s design supports your body weight, and provides you a well needed rest for the night so you can wake up fresh as a daisy!

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Peps Organica Mattresses

Peps Organica Mattresses