Peps Double Decker Mattresses


The Peps double-decker mattress is one of its kind, towering over 16″ of thickness. The mattress’s sheer size will make sure that you do not have to toss and turn to find the right soft spot on your bed to sleep in, and the smooth finish makes sure that the shape of the mattress stays intact even after prolonged periods of use.

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Two of anything good is better than one of it!

Imagine an 8″ bed. Foamy, soft, breathable, comfortable, and super fluffy. Now imagine another one on top of it. That, is the sixteen inch Peps Double-decker mattress! They are made out of Talay foam, and are designed for a luxurious, undisturbed sleep at night! The foam is elastic, and perdurable, making the bed both comfortable and long-lasting.

What's best about the Peps Double Decker mattresses?

As mentioned earlier, the foam that the mattress is made out of is the new Talay foam, and it keeps you warm during the winters and cold during the summers. The bed is breathable, meaning your body heat is transferred out via the mattress, and does not heat your body up. The carefully woven microstructures throughout the bed keep it flexible, and does not lose texture even after years of usage.

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Peps Double Decker Mattresses

Peps Double Decker Mattresses