Peps Crystal Mattresses


The lush Belgian knitted fabric mattress cover of the mattress and the mattress’s ergonomic design will together make your feel like a royalty every night, and you’ll have had a sound sleep when you wake up fresh, night after night. The mattress is a pocketed spring mattress, meaning there’s zero disturbance, and the weight on top is distributed throughout, evenly.

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Memory foam, pocketed springs, and antibacterial fabric!

The Peps Crystal Mattresses have pocketed springs, and a memory foam build to make sure that the bed fully supports the middle, where there’s the most necessity to support body weight. The weight shifts are also contained well by the individual springs, and the movements do not disturb the rest of the bed. The mattresses are made of anti-bacterial fabric that’s skin friendly. They come in different sizes, but are on only available in 8″ thickness.

What's best about the Peps Crystal Mattresses?

The mattress is a complete package! The fabric makes it skin friendly, the zero disturbance, pocketed springs make it family friendly, and the price definitely makes it pocket friendly!

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Peps Crystal Mattresses

Peps Crystal Mattresses