Repose Pocketed Spring Mattress


If you are a person of comfort and luxury, all you have to do is opt for Repose Premium Edge Protected Pocketed Spring Mattress. Repose knows that it’s your right to feel the comfort, luxury, and at the same time aesthetics during your sleep and hence offers you the best-in-market mattress.


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Features of the Repose Pocketed Spring Mattress

Some of the features of the Repose Pocketed Spring Mattress are given below.

  1. The pocketed spring feature of this marvelous mattress ensures comfort and long life of the mattress
  2. Even if you are overloaded with people, you will be able to sleep comfortably because of the honeycomb mesh structure that ensures even weight distribution and also the press points of the body is relieved
  3. The PU foam of the mattress used is the first grade which helps in unbelievable back support and out of the world comfort

Why should you go for Repose Pocketed Spring Mattress?

  1. The construction of the mattress is made in such a way that the design allows open-air circulation, which promotes heat absorption and a very cool sleeping surface
  2. This mattress is made up of a breathable fabric with a multi-needle quilt and double-layer foam that ensures that you get the maximum comfort
  3. The super-soft foam adds to the already mentioned comfort. This not only gives class to the mattress but also provides the utmost comfort to the user.

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Repose Pocketed Spring Mattress

Repose Pocketed Spring Mattress