Repose Knitted Fitted Sheet


Sheets always play a major role not only in the look but also for a sweet and sound sleep. Knitted fitted sheets as the name states are knitted and fitted to the size that is needed. The colorful sheets help you adorn your bedroom and your mood.

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Features of the Repose Knitted Fitted Sheet

Premium fabric

Fluffy and soft yarns with a little twist are utilized as raw materials in knitted garment textiles. The fabric features a layer of microsuede on the surface, and the loop tissue is loose and porous, reducing friction between the skin and the fabric’s surface.

Self-quilted design 

Quilting is supposed to improve people’s cognitive, creative, and emotional well-being, particularly among the elderly. Quilting provides problem-solving tasks such as algebra and geometry while also boosting self-esteem.


Why should you go for Repose Knitted Fitted Sheet?

Fabric GSM, commonly known as grams per square meter, is a metric measurement of a fabric’s weight. This measurement aids in determining the right weight to purchase based on the intended use of the material. This sheet has higher GSM fabric, thus enabling softer and more comfortable sleep.

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78"x60", 78"x72"


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