Repose Eyelidz Mattress


With a sophisticated core memory support system, REPOSE eyelidz Memory Foam mattress is designed to deliver maximum comfort and minimal pressure to the body. Support Ring-Spun Knitted Fabric Quilt, Memory Foam + HR Foam, Memory Foam + HR Foam, Memory Foam + HR Foam, Memory Foam + HR Foam, Memory Foam + HR Foam, Memory Foam + HR. High Resilience PU Foam – Base Support, Memory Foam – Zero Pressure Comfort. Longevity — a higher foam density indicates a longer lifespan. Temperature – the larger the foam cell size, the greater the air movement, keeping you cool and comfortable all night. It has a cooling effect.

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Features of the Repose Eyelidz Mattress

Some of the features of Repose Eyelidz Mattress are given below.

  1. M and Corner Springs in a Heat Tempered Pocketed Spring Unit with 3.6mm Border Wire.
  2. Multi-needle Quilt made of Ring Spun Knitted Fabric with Double Layer Foam, Hard Breathable Foam, and high gsm Cotton Felt.
  3. Pocketed Unit Support – Medium-firm, Comfort – Super soft, Environment-friendly, Breathable for added comfort, Border wire, M & Corner Springs for further durability.


Why should you go for Repose Eyelidz Mattress?

Because of its advanced manufacturing technique, REPOSE eyelidz Memory Foam feels soft and silky. Its construction results in a fabric weave that is stronger and tighter while remaining lightweight and breathable. Ring-spun fabric is more durable than regular cotton because of the tighter knit. This sort of cotton is ideal for things that are frequently washed and worn, such as bath towels, bed linens, and clothes.

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Repose Eyelidz Mattress

Repose Eyelidz Mattress