Kurlon Spinekare Mattress


In addition to two layers – PU Foam blanket and Goldline Foam – the Sparkle 5″ has one more unique feature: ‘Soft polycotton fabric,’ which is skin-friendly and healthy for the body. The snug top layer ensures a restful, calm night’s sleep while also giving good support to the body. It also comes with a two-year warranty on support.

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Features of the Kurlon Spinekare Mattress

Foam mattress

The mattress is one of the most typical applications for this material. The most valuable benefit of this substance is its high-density foaming composition, which is one of its many advantages. It is really soft, gives a wonderful surface for a restful night’s sleep, and also has an energy-absorbing feel.

Soft polycotton

This material gives a very soft space for anyone who wants to sleep and hence this material is preferred by people who have spine pain or problems sleeping.

Why should you go for Kurlon Spinekare Mattress?

One of the best features of solid memory foam is that it can conform to your specific shape using your body heat and pressure. Your body heat softens the memory foam, increasing its viscosity. This is what allows you to really immerse yourself. It essentially turns your body into a mold. When you get out of bed, the foam returns to its normal state. That’s where the “elastic” element comes in. Sparkle is made of this material and hence proves to be among the best.

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Kurlon Spinekare Mattress

Kurlon Spinekare Mattress