Kurlon Spine Therapy Mattress


A mattress that is both beautiful and therapeutic and it is just what the doctor could prescribe for back and spine problems! The solid stability is provided by the High-Density Bonded Foam core and the top layer of Memory Foam quilting helps to relieve pressure areas. More than a mattress, it’s almost like a treatment for back and spinal problems, Kurlopedic Technology keeps your mattress fresh and free of dust mites and bacteria that are harmful to your health.

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Features of the Kurlon Spine Therapy Mattress

Memory foam quilt – thick memory foam blanket on top for pressure point relief

Mattress structure – The accumulation of this mattress functions as a therapy for back and spine problems.

Why should you go for Kurlon Spine Therapy Mattress?

The spine therapy mattress evenly distributes your body weight, preventing pressure spots in your neck, back, and hips. It primarily serves as a form of therapy, notably for back discomfort. A spine therapy mattress is a soothing base that relieves body aches in the same way as therapy does. We’ve all had back and neck discomfort for various reasons, regardless of our age. However, resting on the wrong mattress might worsen back discomfort. So always opt for a spine therapy mattress.

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