Kurlon Magnum Mattress


Advanced Centre Densification and Vertical Compression Technology have been added to a Coir Mattress. This Box Top Mattress is designed for a luxury look and provides good support thanks to a High Resilience layer right underneath the top layer – which is made of Softy Foam for a comfortable sleeping experience. Kurlopedic Technology keeps your mattress fresh and free of dust mites and bacteria that are harmful to your health.

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Features of the Kurlon Magnum Mattress

The features are the most important factors that attract the customers the most, and here are some of the features of the Kurlon Magnum mattress.

Coir mattress

The coconut coir netting in the mattress allows for smooth circulation of air and, for that matter, wetness. The hygroscopic nature of coir mattresses is due to this. These mattresses may absorb moisture from the air surrounding them as well as the sweat of the sleeper. This humid air may readily percolate through the mattress’s deep network, keeping the mattress moist-free. As a result, dermatologists strongly advise sweaty sleepers to adopt coir mattresses.

High resilience layer

High resilience foam is a type of polyurethane foam that is far more responsive than memory foam, which is slower. As a result, people who like a mattress with more bounce will favor this type of foam.

Foam quilt 

This gives a very soft surface for deep sleepers. It also provides a very comfortable sleeping area for all kinds of sleepers.

Why should you go for Kurlon Magnum Mattress?

The ventilation system of a Kurlon Magnum mattress is excellent. This aids in the natural relaxation of our bodies. Because of its hygroscopic quality, a Magnum mattress allows you to sleep considerably more peacefully because it easily absorbs moisture from the air. It’s also an environmentally beneficial fiber. Coir foam mattresses are created without the use of any toxic or chemical substances. As a result, it is beneficial to both health and the environment. This mattress also has a natural bouncy aspect to it and offers considerably more body support.

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Kurlon Magnum Mattress

Kurlon Magnum Mattress