Kurlon Angelica Box Top Mattress


Have you ever fantasized about sleeping like an angel? That’s exactly what the Angelica Box Top is for. It’s made with high-tensile pocket springs, MSI technology, a comfort layer box top friction, and noise isolation to help you and your partner get a good night’s sleep.

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Features of the Kurlon Angelica Box Top Mattress

Here are some of the many features of the Angelica box top mattress.

MSI technology

Body movement on one side of the mattress is independent of movement on the other side thanks to MSI technology. The mattress provides excellent spinal support while also allowing for moisture regulation and air circulation, preventing heat build-up.

PU Foam quilting 

It has PU Foam quilting on both sides, which makes it sturdy and long-lasting.

Memory foam layer on top

Memory foam mattresses’ resilient nature allows them to easily handle a wide range of sleeping positions because the material adjusts and evenly distributes body weight. Stomach sleepers will find that their spine is precisely aligned, while back and side sleepers will benefit from the same level of posture support.

Why should you go for Kurlon Angelica Box Top Mattress?

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