Duroflex Rise Up Spring Mattress


Rise’s layer of robust bonnell springs sandwiched between layers of foam at the top and bottom achieves the ideal combination of support and bounce. These foam layers give extra support while also providing a cushioning effect for added comfort.

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Features of the Duroflex Rise Up Spring Mattress

Duroflex Rise Up Spring Mattress comes with Pillow Top + Free Antiviral Mattress Protector. Here are some features that you should know when you opt for this mattress.


For added comfort, many adaptable foam layers give a cushioning effect.

Dual-sided firmness levels

The mattress may be flipped over to have a firm side and a soft side.

High Resilience Foam

This is great for individuals who prefer their cushions to have additional bounce. High Resilience foam has an open-cell structure that makes it incredibly bouncy while still providing solid support. High-resilience foam lasts a long time before becoming softer as time passes.

Why should you go for Duroflex Rise Up Spring Mattress?

The intertwined innerspring coils provide support and prevent sagging. Regardless of the amount of pressure applied, the surface remains level, preventing sagging and degeneration of the interior springs and foam layers. And this makes Rise up Spring Mattress with Pillow Top special!

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Duroflex Rise Up Spring Mattress

Duroflex Rise Up Spring Mattress