Duroflex Posture Perfect Orthopedic Mattress


Posture Perfect is the height of innovation, a luxurious pocket spring mattress with contoured memory foam cushioning and innovative 5-Zoned orthopedic support. The 3 Zonal pocket spring layer reinforces back support and gives this Duropedic mattress just the proper amount of firmness with adequate resilience, while the 5 zoned doctors-advised orthopedic layers deliver optimal postural alignment. This also reduces companion disruption, allowing for hours of gloriously uninterrupted slumber.

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Features of the Duroflex Posture Perfect Orthopedic Mattress

Before you buy a mattress it is always important to understand the features of Duroflex Posture Perfect Orthopedic Mattress. It comes with ree Antiviral Mattress Protector

5 zones of orthopedic support 

Posture Perfect Pocket Spring Orthopedic Mattress + Free Antiviral Mattress Protector for back pain keeps hygiene at its best. It doesn’t collect dust and is simple to clean. Better yet, invest in a mattress cover to keep even those at bay.

3D spacer mesh

The mid-layer of 3D Spacer, which is used on top of mattresses, acts as small springs, allowing pressure to be redistributed evenly and supporting excellent posture, which is essential for healthy sleep.

High resilient foam

This mattress has 2 layers of high resilient foam. High-resilience foam is a high-quality foam that may be found in a wide range of high-end furnishings, including yachting and boating. It’s also a great mattress material because it’s incredibly buoyant and robust.

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Why should you go for Duroflex Posture Perfect Orthopedic Mattress ?

Memory foam mattresses are made to conform to the curve of your body for added support and pressure reduction. Memory foam mattresses are extremely popular, and many reputable brands provide them. Posture Perfect Pocket Spring Orthopedic Mattress + Free Antiviral Mattress Protector is made up of memory foam and hence the best to buy.

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