Duroflex Flexi Lightweight Travel Mattress


Flexi by Duroflex is a great way to have a wonderful time. An easy-to-use compact mattress that is not only lightweight and portable but also comfortable enough to sleep on all day. This multi-purpose, dual-sided thin mattress can be utilized to relax with a book, meditate, provide additional space for a movie watch party, or simply relax. Flexi, as its name suggests, is simple to store; it can be rolled up or folded to suit your needs.

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Features of the Duroflex Flexi Lightweight Travel Mattress

Duroflex Flexi Lightweight Travel Mattress is extremely slim and handy.

Dual side usage

This mattress is so thoughtfully designed that you can use it on both sides. Whichever side feels comfortable to use that side.


Flexi is a long-lasting alternative for regular users because of its sturdy design and high-quality finish.


Use it as an exercise mat, a portable mattress, a prayer mat, a play mat, and more.


Why should you go for Duroflex Flexi Lightweight Travel Mattress?

Duroflex Flexi Lightweight Mattress is a thin, dual-sided, multi-purpose mattress that is also travel-friendly. This portable compact mattress is extremely convenient and is made to meet all of your different needs when it comes to feeling relaxed and rested. Flexi is a versatile and lightweight choice for the comfort and convenience of use it provides. Use it for a brief nap, as a play mat, prayer mat, or just to lounge around on.

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Additional information


Blue, Grey


78 X 30 (1.98 m X 76 cm), 78 X 36 (1.98 m X 92 cm)


1 (2.54 cm)


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Duroflex Flexi Lightweight Travel Mattress

Duroflex Flexi Lightweight Travel Mattress