Centuary Spirit Spring Mattress


This reversible mattress is made up of a Bonnell spring that helps in keeping the mattress durable and gives long life to the mattress. This mattress is ideal for your budget and has incredibly soft cushioning to offer an extra layer of comfort. This is a mattress with a lot of bounce and resiliency, and it’s an investment you won’t regret.

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Features of the Centuary Spirit Spring Mattress

Here are some of the top features of Centuary Spirit Spring Mattress that you should know before you start shopping

Stiffer ortho foam encasing

One of the layers of the mattress is made up of stiffer ortho foam encasing. Encasements cover the full surface of the mattress, preventing dead skin cells, dust mites, and other organic material from passing through the sheets and pad and settling into the foam or fibers inside. When these are made with stiffer ortho foam casing they are the safest that you can prefer.

PU Foam

Although PU foam is a soft material that provides comfort and keeps you cool, the merits and cons are debatable. However, before getting into the pros and downsides of PU foam, it’s important to understand the importance of sleep and the science behind it. Depending on the sleep quality it provides, your mattress might be beneficial or harmful to you. And the quality of sleep you get from your mattress is determined by your body’s compatibility with it.

Bonnel spring

These coils have rounded tops and are fashioned like an hourglass. Bonnell coils are the most frequent and oldest.

Why should you go for Centuary Spirit Spring Mattress?

Bacteria and fungus cannot thrive in antimicrobial foam. It resists the formation of bad odors caused by mattress degradation. Quilting foam is the most crucial layer right beneath the mattress’s surface, where dust mites, allergens, pollen, and flakes of shed human skin, as well as hair, come into contact with the user. As a result, treating the top layer of the quilt improves mattress hygiene and, as a result, increases product life.

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6", 8"


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Centuary Spirit Spring Mattress

Centuary Spirit Spring Mattress