Centuary Enigma Foam Mattress


This luxurious mattress is made up of a variety of foams, one of which being Contour Cut Foam, as well as natural latex foam. As this high-quality mattress molds to your shapes for outstanding support in all the right places, you will feel calm and wrapped. The enhanced foam design allows for better airflow throughout the night, giving you an extra sense of freshness.

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Features of the Centuary Enigma Mattress

Centuary’s Hybrid Collection’s Enigma is ideal for anyone wishing to unwind after a long day. Centuary Enigma Foam Mattress helps you bounce back by providing superior support for your body’s pressure points.

Latex foam 

Over a third of persons who possess all-latex beds say they have experienced pain relief and prevention. They claim that their latex mattresses ease pressure points while also preventing or reducing other types of pain, such as lower back pain. Latex is a robust substance that can support sleepers without putting too much strain on their hips and shoulders and shapes just enough to keep them aligned.

Memory foam

Because memory foam is such a durable substance, it can withstand a wide range of pressure patterns while still providing equal support to all of your body parts. Back sleepers, for example, can benefit from a bed that keeps their spine aligned, while side and back sleepers can benefit from consistent support for their body and joints.

Centuary Enigma Foam Mattress keeps the spine upright and relieves pressure by comforting the body’s shape.


Why should you go for Centuary Enigma Foam Mattress?

The mattress contains a Contour Foam core, which is a novel material that conforms to support each area of your body evenly by dispersing your weight over the mattress. The cooling Latex Foam layer is made entirely of natural materials, and it tends to deliver the same level of comfort and elegance regardless of the weather. Due to the breathability of the latex material, several air vents run the length of the mattress, ensuring that you never feel hot, humid, or sweaty, even in hot weather. The Copper Gel Memory Foam layer adapts and forms around the shape of the sleeper in response to any pressure exerted on it. Copper beads incorporated in the Memory Foam help to keep you cool at night by preventing heat from building up in the mattress. Copper Gel Memory Foam is also anti-viral and anti-bacterial, ensuring a healthy and sanitary resting environment. The Rebonded Foam layer adds more support and stability to the mattress, helping to improve back support and body posture.

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