Centuary Bubble – Budget Copper Coir Mattress


The Centuary bubble coir Mattress is an outstanding blend of stability, firmness, economy, and durability, and with proper use, it will endure a long time. It has a strong core and is available in a variety of fabrics and quilt designs.

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Features of Centuary Bubble – Budget Copper Coir Mattress

The layers of the mattress have each material that will help you enjoy your sleep without any regret

Polyester Fabric cove 

Because the fabric is synthetic or man-made, little processing is required to turn it into a layer when it is manufactured. As a result, polyester fabric cove are a less expensive option. Polyester fabrics are light and gentle on the skin. Some tightly woven high-quality polyester fabrics have a beautiful sheen similar to silk and are sometimes mistaken for silk in terms of feel. Polyester fabrics are prone to static due to their manufacturing process.

Rubberized Coir Sandwich 

Made from vegetable derivatives of natural rubber and coir fiber, this product is 100 percent natural, biodegradable, and eco-friendly. Its natural qualities offer it an advantage over synthetic materials. Centuary bubble coir mattress has an extra Firm with combination of stability, durability and economy.


Why should you go for Centuary Bubble – Budget Coir Mattress?

Coir is a natural fiber made from coconut husk. It’s the fibrous layer that lies between a coconut’s hard interior shell and its outer covering.

Natural Latex (Natural Rubber) – Natural Latex is a milky substance obtained from rubber tree plants. Rubberised coir sheets and pads are made from a combination of coir and centrifuged natural latex. As this mattress is made up of these materials, they are sure to help you in keeping good health.

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Additional information

Size Category



72"x30", 72"x36", 72"x42", 72"x48", 72"x60", 72"x66", 72"x72", 75"x30", 75"x36", 75"x42", 75"x48", 75"x60", 75"x66", 75"x72", 78"x30", 78"x36", 78"x42", 78"x48", 78"x60", 78"x66", 78"x72", 80"x 60", 84"x36", 84"x60", 84"x72"

Mattress Height

4″, 5″


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Centuary Bubble – Budget Copper Coir Mattress

Centuary Bubble – Budget Copper Coir Mattress