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The mattress for a baby is a significant purchase. Because babies sleep for 18 hours a day, 70 percent of their growth occurs while they are sleeping. In addition, babies require a suitable surface to assist their development and keep them safe. Their mattress should be firm, not soft or hard, according to the American and Canadian Pediatric Associations. Centuary Beddy Nest mattress provides extra support and high ergonomic comfort for your baby to lounge

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Features of the Centuary Beddy Nest mattress

Beddy Nest stands out for two reasons in addition to the benefits that Beddy Products provide:

Natural and certified core 

The Beddy Nest Core mattress is made from Organic Materials – Natural Latex and Rubberized Coir that are certified to be free from harmful chemicals. These materials are widely considered to be the best for babies

Waterproof and Cotton material 

Beddy Nest comes with Beddy Protect, a waterproof, stylish, and washable outer zip cover that protects the mattress from all six sides, in addition to the 100 percent Cotton Cover. All you have to do is remove the cover and wash it if it is nasty.

Why should you go for Beddy nest Mattress?

Beddy Nest is constructed of natural latex and rubberized coir, both of which have been certified by Oeko-Tex as being free of harmful chemicals. Natural Latex foam and Rubberized Coir are breathable, robust, and natural materials that are widely regarded as the best materials for children’s mattresses around the world. The mattress comes with two covers, one of which is waterproof and washable, while the other is designed with the needs of children in mind. Visit Mattress zone for exciting offers on Beddy Nest today

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1.82 m x 91.5 cm x 10 cm (72 x36 x4 inch), 100 cm x 56 cm x10 cm, 111 cm x 65 cm x10 cm, 120 cm x 60 cm x 10 cm, 140 cm x 70 cm x 10 cm, 85 cm x 46 cm x 5 cm


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