Why should you buy Peps Mattresses?

Peps, in partnership with Restonic, has been bringing India the comfort of the best sleeping mattresses for a while now. These mattresses are crafted to perfection, after years of research, patented findings, and with the use of the best technology. Not everybody sleeps the same, and Peps understands that. For that reason they bring to you a variety of mattresses like pocketed spring mattresses, natural latex mattresses, orthopaedic ones, and SpineGuard mattresses. Each one solves a different purpose, and Peps means to provide everyone a peaceful night’s sleep. That, is why you should buy Peps Mattress in Chennai! Get the best deals on Peps mattress online @ Mattress Zone

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What do we offer at Mattress Zone?


We’re the right place to buy Peps Mattress in Chennai, either for your homes, or for your commercial establishments like hostels and hotels.


Like a puddle of fresh feathers, sleep away in the best pillows from Bensons for Beds. Pillows designed to go easy on your neck, while being comfortable.


Looking to buy sleeping accessories like bedspreads and pillow covers? We offer the most pristine accessories to go along with the Peps mattresses and pillows.

Where do I buy Peps mattress in Chennai?

Right here, in Mattress Zone, the best mattress store in Chennai. We help you pick the right bed or mattress, offering you the best value for your money. You can buy with us in bulk, or just one. You can order online, or walk into one of our Peps Mattress shop in Chennai, talk to us, see which model suits you the best, and get one there. Prices with us are affordable, and we offer only the best mattresses for you to get the best sleep you've ever gotten. Our sleep advisors will take into consideration all your needs when suggesting you a model, and these suggestions are aimed at nothing but a sound sleep. Because at the end of the day, that's all that matters. A night of sound sleep.

Sustainability is key

Peps mattresses are made with material that’s bio-degradable, and is not as harmful to the planet. As a company, and as a dealership, we’re trying to work with the planet and not against it. We strongly believe that sustainability should be at the core of every business, and is surely in ours.


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